Another photo taken at much personal risk.Perhaps in preparation for Easter (?), Our Weird Neighbor has replaced the scary straw doll hanging from her apartment’s doorknob with an even scarier bunny.
Today is Dragon Day here at Cornell. The festivities just ended. What is Dragon Day? According to one architecture student, Dragon Day is "a day in April devoted to demonstrating the mild rivalry that may exist between Cornell engineering students and architecture students through an on campus ritual, enacted as a form of entertainment." Here's a photo, and another. Here is a photo of the dragon on fire.

Furthermore, "Students and faculty acknowledge this day and the acts that take place as entertainment for all on campus. I believe Dragon Day started at Cornell because of a mild rivalry that may have existed between the Cornell engineering and architecture students. Dragon Day demonstrates this now friendly competition between the two. A ritual takes place in which architecture students create a large, paper-mache dragon and march through the engineering quad with it. Then, a designated engineering student lights the dragon on fire, destroying the architecture students' creation. Many people gather around to watch the ceremony and throw toilet paper into the flames to make them larger. When the celebration is complete, toilet paper lines the trees of the engineering and arts quads as remnants of the grand ritual that had taken place earlier that day."

Megan has been annoyed recently with inconsiderate pedestrian habits in San Francisco, such as umbrella poking, and people not paying attention to where they’re walking while they’re on a cel phone. Well, now *I* have something to complain about as well.

Let me just lay it down: Bus, commuter train, and elevator etiquette. This message is directed to all oncoming riders. When the bus, train or elevator stops and the door opens, the following is the only acceptable course of action:

  • First, let everyone who is exiting at your location vacate the vehicle completely.
  • After, AND ONLY AFTER, everyone has exited, you are permitted to board the vehicle.
Here’s a clarification, in case you didn’t get it the first time: It is NOT okay to attempt to cram your way in while others are attempting to get out. This causes events such as innocent riders being crammed in the door, bags being dropped, as well as other tragedies.

I’ve been a rider of public transport and elevators all my life, and I’ve never experienced such a frequent occurrence of this type of behavior. People ‘round here must be unfamiliar with these crazy new-fangled inventions.

Rosie and Maria threw me a birthday party last night. Many of my friends came. Life is simple. I am happy.

What I Am Playing with Right Now has been updated.

Here’s something interesting: I HATE modern country music. I like some of the older, classic stuff, like Johnny Cash, but almost everything released after 1978 turns my stomach. And now (well honestly, 2000), out of nowhere comes Kasey Chambers. I love love love her music. And she’s from Australia. Go figure. Go buy her album, give her lots of money. She deserves it. While you're at it, give me some money, too.
Another random sketch for your enjoyment.