Hot Birthday

The hot weather today--Maximilian's 6th birthday--reminds me of how hot, clear and bright it was the day he was born. Happy birthday Maxie!

Solstice Girl

On summer solstice 2003, my beautiful girl Esmé came into the world. She brings long, warm days and happiness. Happy 3rd birthday Esmé!

Max's First Piano Recital

Last weekend Maxie-boy (soon to be 6) had his first piano recital..and he NAILED IT! We are pretty casual with his lessons--once every two weeks with semi-random practicing. We simply want to give our kids an artistic and technical appreciation of music. The intent is, along with other activities and interests, to raise well-rounded children. So he had been practicing his pieces pretty regularly, but could only play them 'perfectly' about 60% of the time.

Look at that face!

There must have been something about the atmosphere of the recital--the other kids (all older than him), the parents, the venue--he was *just* a little bit nervous, and this edge seemed to bring out his best. He carried himself like such a young gentleman! It was really a special moment for him, for Rose and me, and even for little sis Esmé who was--surprisingly--very well-behaved the whole time (though we did fear for a moment that she was going to break out in song during the performance).

Last night I had a dream about over-abundant search engine results.