A strange dream

Last night I had a strange dream: My family and I attended some sort of non-denominational morning church service. There was a forgettable message, at the end of which a large screen slid down into the stage opening. We spent the last part of the service watching a film of various nature scenes, accompanied by symphonic music. It was a bit like Roth’s “going home” scene in Soylent Green. I whispered to my wife, “Well, this minister is taking a few shortcuts, isn’t he?” Another member of the congregation turned around and attempted to explain the purpose of the film, but his voice was drowned out by the music. Near what I thought might be the conclusion, the theater became disconnected from its moorings: the entire room tilted toward the stage, to about an angle of 60 degrees. Everyone held onto their seats to stop from sliding and falling. No one seemed particularly bothered by this.

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