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Economics, etc.:
Gun control: "We need to dismantle the #NRA, and apparently also this Congress. Let's dismantle both, then re-build a new Congress." (@JoeG4Freedom @th3v0t4ry @osPatriot @Zionistchuck @demsforprogress @yulianagarcia @forgottentq @usernamenuse @BridgetteJohns2 @unclemiseryguts @ledfist @CriminySTFU)

The Internet: "A little help: there was an article circulating a while back about how viral internet stuff isn't really viral." (@kayaoakes @ChurchSnobTEC @malawijay @adamgurri)

"Space-Time" photography-video installation featuring Jason Carroll & Elena Collins opens April 19, 2013

"Space-Time" features photography from Jason Robert Carroll and a video installation from Elena Harvey Collins.

"Jason Carroll and Elena Collins explore the complexities of space, both physically and conceptually, taking long looks at some of our most abandoned, mundane, and subliminal spaces."

Opening: Friday, April 19, 2012, 5-11 PM
Location: Survival Kit Gallery - 1305 W. 80th Suite 303, Third Floor (Located in the W.78th St. Studios Bldg.), Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Click here for the event page on Facebook.

"With their intent gaze visually manifested through multiple exposures, and exhaustive film shots, they implore us to think twice about our assumed surroundings, digging past their immediate appearance and assigning them heightened significance. We are forced to consider our personal relationships with these spaces, as well as the histories of others there before us."

Interesting conversations for the week ending 4/6/13

You'd think that 140 characters would limit one's ability to carry on interesting discussion. Apparently not…read on.

Urban planning: "In Cleveland, philanthropic foundations, for christ's sake, help fund highway projects…Unbelievable." (@schmangee @thestile1972 @CLEstreetcar @thisismycle @chezrebellion @theGreaterMarin @lynnphares @danmoulthrop)

Gun control:
Photography: "Dilemma…trying to decide if I should print one of my photos on aluminum for my upcoming show. 90% chance of awesome…10% chance of big waste." (@RudyHellzapop @cheerbear34 @thomasatmyporch)