Great conversations on Twitter, week ending 2/23/13

  • Dear Twitter counsel: Our household is thinking of acquiring two 6-month old black #cats. Making a huge mistake? They are fixed, healthy. (link)
  • Religion requires faith; you're never really sure if it's 'working'. Science can be checked, confirmed. (link)
  • What is 'community' in the connected world of 2013? I'm thinking a lot about this lately. (link
  • If you’re white, you can be oblivious, passively accepting the status quo, and reap the rewards. (link
  • Is it of any utility at all for an atheist or agnostic to pray…perhaps in a meditative sense? Currently pondering this. (link)
  • When I hear people home school their kids, my first reaction is why? Inside voice, of course. (link

Observations on the social media ecosystem

Physical reality: connection by proximity. Facebook: connection by propinquity. Twitter: connection by predilection and proclivity.