Max lost his first tooth today!

My Little Big Girl

Esmé started preschool today! In the Carroll-Merendino tradition, she had no trouble saying goodbye to us and getting on with her business. Mom & Dad, on the other hand, were having a hard time leaving the building...

Fastest 12 Months of My Life So Far

This past weekend I was catching up on organizing our digital photos. I'm typically quite good at archiving, labeling, organizing our family's media, but since our trip overseas last year I've been a bit behind (9-12 months behind to be exact).

So the most recent photos downloaded from our camera include Maxie's first day of school as a first-grader. As I'm sorting the images, I find myself looking at last August, when he was starting Kindergarten--and a wave hits me. It feels, literally, like he was starting Kindergarten yesterday. Even as we were walking him to school last week it didn't hit me, but looking at the photos brought it home like a bomb. I can remember everything we did in the past 12 months (it was a busy time), but for the life of me I feel like I blinked and now we're here.

I know I'm just wending myself through a cliché here (and my parents are probably laughing), but I've never felt time pass this quickly before, and it's never hit me so hard.