Warcraft and Life

For better or for worse, lately I've been indulging in that popular, well-executed, unbelievable time-sink MMOG known as World of Warcraft. This being my first 'serious' experience with MMOG (and yes, I'm one of those non-hardcore players who dove in after reading about it in the New York Times), I'm bound to have some observations.

Here's the first: In life, as in Warcraft, we humans 'level-up'--we become older, more experienced as we move through life over time. However, unlike in the MMOG world, aging and gaining experience in real life does not ensure increased wisdom, skill and accomplishment. While Warcraft characters inevitably become stronger, wiser, more skillful and powerful as they age, we humans have the ability to grow older while getting no better at 'the game of life' due to laziness, apathy, fear, or any number of other excuses.

If only life held the same guarantees as Warcraft...