...my name is Jason Carroll (middle initial 'R', after my grandpa, Bob). I'm a real estate developer, and currently serve as SVP of acquisitions for a multifamily real estate development company based in New York. Over the past 20+ years, I've been involved in a leadership capacity in completed transactions totaling well over $1 billion—spanning nearly every aspect of real estate development, from finance to design. My specialty is creating value in underutilized assets, and I'm currently focused on developing affordable and workforce housing. Many of the projects I'm involved with utilize fairly complicated financial structures and public funding sources, so that has evolved into a specialty of mine. More details: LinkedIn

To keep myself sharp (a person doesn't really understand something unless they can explain it simply), I teach real estate investment and development to grad students at Kent State University's College of Architecture.

I used to be an architect—art, design, urban planning, and the general built environment are all passions of mine. I try to keep creativity flowing through photography (more here), travel, reading, drawing on my old Dietzgen drafting table, a keen interest in all things design, and an ongoing amateur attempt to study philosophy. I'm an avid tech junkie, hobbyist programmer, love collecting (and using) vintage audio equipment and electronics, and can make espresso that gives any barista a run for their money. I quite like sports cars, and you'll occasionally find me driving on backroads with no destination, for fun and meditation. Coincidentally, this is the same reason I enjoy running. 

I'm an alumnus of Cornell University (graduate) and Kent State University (undergraduate), and currently reside with my wife, son, and daughter in Shaker Heights, Ohio—a beautiful, old, tree-filled, first-ring suburb of Cleveland—where I serve on the Landmark Commission

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347 Unit Apartment Redevelopment, Ohio From 'Depth of Place' Photography Series Visiting Urbino, Italy

750,000 Square Foot Industrial Development, Indiana From 'Depth of Place' Photography Series Visiting Kyoto, Japan

548 Unit Apartment Redevelopment, Ohio From 'Tree Otherworldly Landscape' Photography Series Visiting Florence, Italy


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Work In Progress

My project -- Andrews Terrace, Rochester, New York. 526 units of affordable housing -- we're bringing it back from the brink. Beautiful Brutalism.