This is the busiest Fall I can remember. I’m not a big fan of saying that I’m busy, because I firmly believe that there’s always time for something if you want there to be--it’s all about priorities., we are busy. During the months of September & October 2008:
  • Our son Max started Kindergarten
  • I started teaching a graduate course at a local university
  • We have several improvement & repair projects going on at our house
  • I have two major deals underway in the office (one of which recently died, which is always fun)
  • We moved a significant amount of money into a real estate investment
  • And we’re taking Max & Esmé on a three-week trip to Japan and South Korea to visit some old friends
This is all happening over a span of about, say, seven weeks. It’s enough to keep us on our toes. To stay on top of all of this, and to give each individual the love they need during times that are special for them is, admittedly, quite a challenge.
One week to go...
Last night, while sitting at the dining room table building Lego Mars Mission vehicles, Maxie asked me: 'Daddy, will there always be a tomorrow? I mean, is the world ever going to end?'

Ah, the thoughts of a 5-year old.

I told him (in simpler and more explanatory language) that individual people, after they get old and gray, will come to an end and die, but as long as we keep having children and take care of the Earth (and the other planets for that matter), there will always be a tomorrow.