The Distinction Between Future And Past

The past and future are the same in that they both exist only in our minds. Is the difference really that great? Future memories. Past anticipations. We experience only the present.

You can relive past experiences in the same detail as you pre-live future experiences in your imagination.

One might argue that the past is more clearly defined and the future is unknown. But they can both be ambiguous or precise depending on how you treat them in your mind.

The past and the future both have many branching paths. The only difference is that past contains the path taken, and the future contains the path to be taken. But all the branches are still in both places.

In our minds, we can choose to walk down different branches in the past (memories of what could have been), and in the future (playing-out of various choices).

All past time is in the same place. All future time is in the same place.