Mentos & Coke

Just one of about 15 things we did to try to occupy the six 7-year olds at Max's birthday sleepover:

Mentos & Diet Coke

First time trying this, I'm glad it worked as well as it did. Of course, the novelty wore off quickly and we resorted to movies & video games to sedate the horde.

My First Paperweight

My briefcase is extra-heavy today with the beautiful painted paperweight (rock, that is) Esme made me in preschool. "Daddy, it's for the papers to not fly off your desk!" Thanks, special girl. (I'll wait until you're older to discuss heremetically-sealed high-rise office buildings...)

From Fish to Infinity

Steven Strogatz, a professor at Cornell University, just concluded a great series of articles in the NYT articulating math concepts (from simple to complex) in accessible language. I've really enjoyed reading these over the past several's the first article, and a link to the entire series.

Wi-Fi in Amish Country

After arriving home from a road-trip to Amish country yesterday, I asked Max to tell me the most interesting thing he observed during the day. He said, "They don't use electricity, but there's Wi-Fi in the coffee shop."